Restoration Services

In general all engines are treated to some restoration work when being rebuilt/tuned.  This includes bead blasting the cylinder(s) and head(s) as they are the most handled of the parts.

WP also offers full restoration for your engine.  Depending on the make/model costs vary but services offered include:

– Bearing/bushing removal, full masking and degreasing prior to blasting

– Full bead blasting of the cases, covers, cylinders and heads

– Color choice.

– Choice of either Standard spray enamel or VHT Engine coatings systems paints which are oven cured when completed

WP also offers stainless steel fasteners for a cleaner look.  Options include high polished tapered allen screws and hex bolts/nuts or standard allens.

Also available is replating options for your original fasteners.  (At this time however there is no Olive Drab available only Cadmium I and II (silver or gold).

A few pictures of recent full restorations:

RD500LC Engine Restoration:

RZ500 Top Case Blasted

RZ500 Top Case Repainted

RZ500 Cylinders and Heads RepaintedRZ500 Stator Covers Painted

RZ500 2RZ500 3

RZ500 1RZ500 3

RZ350 Engine Restoration:

RZ350 Cylinder BlastedRZ350 Cylinders Repainted

RZ350 Clutchcover RestoRZ350 Head Resto

RZ350 Resto

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