Client Testimonials

This page is provided for my many clients who have spent their hard earned money and time working on their beloved projects.  It’s a note of their experience with WP and our service and workmanship.

  1. Brian Hilvety says:

    Bill did a great job porting my RZV500R. It runs WAY better than the stocker I have. Bills turn around time was good to. So I didn’t have to wait a long time to get my parts back. I highly recommend Wilson Performance.

  2. Brian Tunks says:

    Bill did an outstanding job rebuilding most of the major components on my 1984 RZ350. His meticulous attention to detail is second to none, and I am very pleased with the work he has done to my bike. I highly recommend Wilson Performance for a simple service or for a complete rebuild like was done to mine.

    Click on the link below and you can follow the build of my bike from the start to the present.

  3. mark van arsdale says:

    August 29, 2013
    I bought my rz500 from a guy who had Bill Wilson rebuilt the engine to his phase 1 specs in May of 2005. I had heard good things about Bill and I wanted a solid engine in the old bike. I bought the rz500 in may of 2010 with what the previous owner claimed was 8000 miles, he was kind enough to deliver it.
    The bike hauled ass unfortunately that was the last time I was able to drive it reliably for 3 years. Through that time Bill faithfully guided me through the process of restoring everything else on the bike, though I have never payed him a cent. I cannot thank Bill enough for all the hours he has spent with me on the phone and emails, helping me and other mechanics I employed, to get my bike running. I have dealt with a lot of shysters and rip-offs over the last 3 years wasting thousands and thousands of dollars trying to get my bike back on the road.
    Bill Wilson has been the guiding light that helped me trailer my bike to Laguna Seca last month and then ride it to Northern Cal, Over 1500 fantastic miles without a single problem and a huge smile on my face. I cannot recommend Bill more highly, Contact me with any comments,
    thank you Bill,

    Mark van Arsdale
    Sherman Oaks Cal
    310 9687861

  4. Paul Springthorpe says:


    I’ve bought several RD500 parts from Bill. Customer service, parts , delivery and advice were excellent each time.

    Very nice to deal with – Bill just couldn’t be more helpful.


  5. Ebbe Dommisse says:

    Bill Wilson is a sensational guy to deal with! Not only is his craftmanship top notch, but his service and (continued) support is brilliant.

    Bill has gone out of his way to make sure that the RZ500 motor was delivered to me cost effectively – which turned out the be an unusually complicated exercise to say the least. After the delivery Bill has always been very supportive and I could shoot him any technical question (to this day) which was always replied to within 24 hours.

    Bill, as they say here in Australia – “you’re a champion, mate”!

    Thx for the great product and service. I can’t recommend you highly enough to anyone.

    • Don Hall says:

      Bill Wilson has provided fantastic service, support and product. I suggest Wilson performance for any rd/rz engine builds. my project-1986 engine build (basket), If the seal was not available, he modified a new one. (Bill had previous 86 experience).
      Mr wilson is a new friend and a great character.
      Don Hall

  6. Hey Bill,, I believe mine was the 1st official Wilson performance rebuild… your a class act & excellent person to deal with , all the way from 1st contact to final hand holding set -up and start lol .. great experience only draw back to the build is the new rear tire had a short life span … all quality parts and workmanship 2nd to none … I can say you did everything plus some and that’s rare today … All the best .. Matt

  7. john dooley says:

    Great work,very detailed,had. 75 rd 350 crank rebuilt,75 rd cylinders bored everything came back perfect.also had 85 rd 350 cylinder work was very impressed wth workmanship.Bill,let me supply parts which was cool.very reasonable labor cost.always had time for me on the phone.helped me with set up. highly recommend. thanks ,J Dooley alton ill.

  8. Ajinkya Phatak says:

    Bill is simply fantastic. Very skilled at what he does which is done to perfection. Always willing to chat and advise and very very fair and honest. You cannot go wrong with him!

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