Wilson Performance is again gearing up for the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  Our sponsored racer, Michael Ell, whose podium finished four out of seven years on the Peak will again this year attempt to conquer the mountain.  After last years accident Mike is refreshed and ready to make this year his year.  The Quad, dubbed the Rattler, is untouched from last year.  Dale Newburn designed and built the Rattler some years ago as a Formula III road racing platform and it is now going to be piloted to it’s potential.

The engine: Following the 2007 season Mike and I decided a bigger cc powerplant was due for the 2008 year.  After much discussion we decided the DM Cheetah cylinder by CP Inductries, Inc. was the way to go.  The DM’s design is such that the top case required heavy modification just to set the jug on and have it seal properly.  In addition, the welding involved on the top case lends to warpage in most cases and 8 out of 10 cases leak after the work is performed.  We were one of the 2 that it doesn’t leak.  Mike ran the engine in the 2001 chassis and had a 5th place finish due to shifter linkage issues.  He took a few years off to start a family and returned in 2011 with the same engine.  2011 was the first year we prepped the Rattler only in a lay down seating position.  2011 took 2nd place and debuted the APT Smartcarb to the Mountain.  With Wobbly Pipe designed pipes, built by Mike and I the engine is incredible.  I can’t say enough about the balanced crank supplied by Two Stroke Shop or the pipe design by Wobbly.  When built the DM had to be the required 500cc or less for the class.  At 4-mil stroke the 73.5mm bores make it a 492cc beast.


Fan Fest Dale, Mike, Bill

Mike – Dale – Bill

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