Welcome to Wilson Performance, Your Two-Stroke Performance Authority.  Wilson Performance (WP) was formed out of the frustration of many two-stroke tuners’ unwillingness to provide answers to most basic questions about two-stroke performance tuning.  After three years of study and in- depth discussions with those willing and most importantly capable of explaining and teaching, WP was formed.  In the winter of 2001 WP opened for business and has been growing ever since.  Still a specialty engine performance shop specializing in the Yamaha RZ500, WP has gone on to build top engines for local racers in flat track and hill climb events and multiple engines and parts for enthusiasts worldwide.

It is my hope that you find what you’re looking for here.  If you don’t please don’t hesitate to ask.  I WILL answer any question I know the answer to or point you to someone I think might have the answer.  My wife and I founded our business on our love for each other and our commitment to Jesus Christ.  I do business that way too: honest, upfront and no-nonsense.