The list of two-strokes WP performs services and tuning on to the left is not all inclusive of our goal or mission.  My hope is to help as many people with as wide a variety of machines meet their individual goals of performance or simply getting it running again.

So, if you own a stroker and it’s not listed to the left, DON’T close the page.  The list incorporates the bikes WP is most familiar with and have the most experience with.  You are still at the right place.  WP using performance tuning software, Bimotion, TSR and others along with our years of experience can develop your engine to suit your individual needs.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

WP has relationships with several top karting, GP and MX tuners to team on your specific project.  Our goal has been to provide the very best quality service to deliver you with a top quality engine period.  Give WP a chance to add another great bike to our list of experience.